Our Rugs

Made in Greece, our Flokati rugs are handmade shag rugs, made of 100% New Zealand Wool.

The entire rug is wool. The base is a wool weave (NOT SHEEP SKIN, just sheared wool).

Commonly seen in interior design magazines and luxury homes, Flokati Rugs are a popular choice to bring warmth and class to any room.

Image above: Our rugs on drying lines in open fields in the Greek countryside after their final wash & rinse (prior to packing).

Our Prices

Flokati Rugs have traditionally been sold in stores or online at very high prices.
Before we started this business, we personally wanted a Flokati Rug in our home.
BUT we couldn’t find a thick enough rug (low density only) and the prices were also extremely high.
As an example, the Natural Wool, 1200gsm, 240x340cm rug sold online was $849 + Freight.
Our price for this same rug now is $299 (with Free Delivery).
We sell this high end product, in high volumes at a very low margin.
We do not have sales promotions nor distribute to wholesalers.
This enables us to give you the lowest possible price, direct from the factory in Greece.
* We keep all sizes and densities in stock in Coolum Beach, QLD (no drop shipping), to ensure you get your rug quickly.


Colour Comparison

* Colour intensity will differ depending on lighting. Direct sunlight will lighten, unnatural indoor lights will darken. Above photo is in mid range lighting.

* Ivory / Snow White will contain a slight degree of natural wool hue as a ‘stark’ white is only possible with synthetic products.

Density Comparison

* The lighting source (natural sunlight) is coming from the right side in this photo, hence a good represention of colour in direct sunlight on the right and a dimly lit room on the left.

* The 1200gsm sits quiet flat on the floor with use due to a lower density (it still looks great, but if you want the more shaggy feel, look towards the 2000gsm & 3000gsm.

The 2000gsm and 3000gsm are the premium densities and give a plush shag pile that will sit higher off the ground.

* Calculate the rug weight by multiplying the dimensions and density (2000gsm = 2kg per sq meter).
Example: 180x120cm, 2000gsm
1.8m x 2.4m rug will be approximately 8.6kg (1.8 x 2.4 x 2kg).

Pile Height

The wool pile is the same length (approx 8cm) for all densities.

However, the higher density you select, the higher it will naturally sit on your floor.

The 1200gsm will sit quiet flat while the 3000gsm is a plush look (and feel).

We recommend the 2000gsm as a minimum if you wish to get a traditional Flokati look and feel.

The 1200gsm is nice, however it will just sit flatter on the floor with everyday use.

Basic Care

A Flokati Rug is a purchase that will last a lifetime and can be passed down for generations if cared for properly.

Your Flokati Rug’s wool pile will arrive flattened from transport and packaging.
We strongly recommend that you thoroughly shake the rug once you receive it and you can use your fingers to ‘fluff’ the wool.
Alternatively, you can use a coarse hair brush or plastic garden rake and gently rake over the wool to raise the Flokati wool pile.
You will find that some of the fine wool will get caught in the rake. This is normal, and is not harmful to your Flokati Rug.
As the rug is natural wool with pile of differing lengths, shedding will occur (as some wool is not fixed firmly to the base in manufacturing).
This will greatly reduce over time and does stop once these shorter fibres are shed.
You can speed up this process by brushing/raking your rug from time to time.
Although rare and sparse, you may find natural flora in the wool (ie, grass/burs).
This is due to the light processing of the wool (which enables the very natural and appealing texture).
You can simply cut or pull these out.


The cleaning process for your Flokati Rug is simple.
The Flokati should be shaken outdoors periodically to remove loose dirt.
You may hand wash the rug with a wool wash (ie, Earth Choice Wool Wash, available at your local supermarket)
You must avoid washing your Flokati Rug in high water temperatures.
Do not use chlorine bleach or dry cleaning / washing machines. This is to protect the wool fibres and wool’s natural lanolin content.
Larger rugs require washing and rinsing in a bath or ideally hanging over a fence / balustrade (or other fixed structure) to hose and hand wash.
Thorough hand cleans may be required once ever 1-3 years depending on use.
* Air dry only, do not use a dryer.
* Note: Stains can be easily pulled / cut out of the wool pile.


When vacuuming the Flokati, do not run the vacuum over the Flokati because the strands will get caught in the rotating brush.
You can use the suction head of the vacuum (one without a rotating brush).
We however recommend to just shake it out from time to time for a better clean, as vacuums are generally ineffective.

Non-Slip Underlay

If you have hard floors. It is recommended to have a non-slip underlay.
Roll this out around the edges and center of the rug.
Rolls are are normally ~$5 per 50x200cm roll (Bunnings/Target/Kmart/Supermarket, etc.)

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