What is Flokati?

A Greek Tradition

Crafted in Greece for centuries, Flokati Rugs are exquisitely handmade in Thessaloniki. Greece.

Fashioned entirely from 100% Pure New Zealand (Christchurch) Wool.

The foundation of the rug is woven wool (not sheepskin).

These rugs are a frequent feature in interior design magazines and upscale homes, known for adding a touch of warmth & sophistication to any space.

<<< After a final rinse using pure & pristine water (sourced from nearby mountainous streams). Your rug is hung in drying fields before packing.

Our Prices

Flokati Rugs have traditionally been sold at exorbitant prices either in store or online.

We are different... Why?

Our family personally sought Flokati Rug for our own home, but never found one thick enough (low density) & were shocked at the price we had to pay.

Our personal example... a 160x230cm rug at 1200gsm was priced at $549. In contrast, we now can supply a 180x240cm (1200gsm) at $209.

Our strategy is low margin (high volume) as we prefer our rugs to be accessible to all.

Furthermore, we keep our rugs in stock at our Coolum Beach, QLD warehouse & we do not 'drop ship' so receive your rug promptly!


Colour intensity will differ depending on lighting. Direct sunlight will lighten, unnatural indoor lights will darken. Above photo is in mid range lighting.

Ivory will contain a (very) slight degree of natural wool hue as a ‘stark’ white is only possible with synthetic products.


Available in three densities.

1200gsm: Sits quite flat and great for thoroughfares (walking past regularly) and if you have a budget to keep.

2000gsm: The traditional Flokati 'fluffy' feel and a good 'all-rounder' rug that finds the right balance between price and 'performance'.

3000gsm: Pure Luxury & visually stunning! Our highest density & great for living areas where you may find yourself rolling off the couch with loved ones to enjoy it's plushness.

More on Density

The wool pile length is the same for all rugs (approx 8cm).

HOWEVER, with a higher density the wool has more support from the adjacent wool to support the wool (ie. it will naturally sit higher).

The 2000gsm and 3000gsm are the premium densities and hence will sit 'proud' of the floor.


Calculate the rug weight by multiplying dimensions & density.

2000gsm = 2kg per sq meter.


180x240cm (2000gsm)
= 8.6kg (1.8m x 2.4m x 2kg)

Pile Height

The wool pile is the same length (approx 8cm) for all densities.

However, the higher density you select, the higher it will naturally sit on your floor.

The 1200gsm will sit quiet flat while the 3000gsm is a plush look (and feel).

We recommend the 2000gsm as a minimum if you wish to get a traditional Flokati look and feel.

The 1200gsm is nice, however it will just sit flatter on the floor with everyday use.

Basic Care

Upon arrival, your Flokati Rug's wool pile may appear flattened due to transportation and packaging. To address this, we highly recommend giving the rug a thorough shake and using your fingers to fluff the wool. Alternatively, a hair brush can be used to gently rake over the wool and raise the pile. Please note that some fine wool will catch in the brush, but this is a normal occurrence will not harm your rug.

It's important to keep in mind that the rug's natural wool pile varies in length, so shedding does occur as some wool may not be firmly fixed to the base during manufacturing. Shedding will greatly reduce over time as the shorter fibers, not well bound to the base weave are shed. To speed up this process, please brush your rug from time to time.

While uncommon, you may find natural flora such as grass or burs in the wool. This is due to the light processing of the wool that gives the rug its natural and appealing texture. If you do encounter these, simply cut or pull them out.


The cleaning process for your Flokati Rug is simple.

The Flokati should be shaken outdoors periodically to remove loose dirt (vacuums are ineffective due to the long pile).

You may hand wash the rug with a wool wash (ie, Earth Choice Wool Wash, available at your local supermarket).

You must avoid washing your Flokati Rug in high water temperatures.

Do not use chlorine bleach or dry cleaning / washing machines. This is to protect the wool fibres and wool’s natural lanolin content.

Larger rugs require washing and rinsing in a bath or ideally hanging over a fence / balustrade (or other fixed structure) to hose and hand wash.

Thorough hand cleans may be required once ever 1-3 years depending on use.

Air dry only, do not use a dryer.

Note: Stains can be easily pulled / cut out of the wool pile.

Non-Slip Underlay

If you have hard floors. It is recommended to have a non-slip underlay.

Roll this out around the edges and center of the rug.

We do not supply underlay, however these can be purchased at your local store (Bunnings/Target/Kmart/Supermarket, etc.)

* At approximately $5 per 50x200cm roll.